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The best vocational training programs available in B. N. College,Dhubri. This article will be of help to 12th pass students as well as graduates.


          In simple terms, a vocational training program is a skill-enhancing training course.The main aim of such a course is to develop relevant skills in students. What it does is train students in a particular area/domain/sector/vocation and make them skillful in that area.
          Let us consider an example B. Voc. (I. T.) It is a vocational training course. B. Voc. ( I. T.) stands for Bachelor of Vocation in Information Technology. This vocational course is related to Information Technology/ Computer Science. So, the vocation in case of this course is software development. Now the course has been designed in such a way that the students learn relevant skills associated with software development. As a result, a student who pursues this course becomes skillful in areas such as Communicative English, Soft Skills, Personality Development, coding, programming languages, computer science, IT and other allied areas. He/she can now apply for jobs present within this sector. In short, vocational training programs will make you industry-ready. Depending upon the vocation that you choose, the course will help you acquire skills that are related to that sector. As a result, you will be able to apply for (and find) good jobs in that sector.
          Who will benefit from such programs? Anyone who wants to acquire industry-specific skills can go for this course. If you are in dire need of a job, but you don’t possess any useful skills, you may go for one such course and turn your fortunes!
     12th pass students, Graduates vocational courses are ideal for each and every one of them! There’s a training course made for candidates belonging to each of the segment mentioned above.
How’s it different from regular professional courses, you may ask. Well, regular professional courses are long-term programs. Let us consider an example B.E. or B.Tech. programs.
          These programs are professional courses. B.E. or B.Tech. course is 4 years long. There are no exit options in between. But vocational training programs offer exit options. These programs are quite flexible and efficient. Moreover, they give more importance to practical training, skill development and improving employability of candidates.The program has the following exit options in store for its students – If a student chooses to quit the program after completing one year, he/she will obtain a Diploma certificate.


Admission process may vary from one institute to another. Most colleges prefer merit based admission process. Under this system, a candidate’s performance in board exam and/or relevant selection exam is taken into consideration. Some other colleges are known to conduct direct as well as donation based admission process.the program is three years long. It is an undergraduate level course. It means that students who have passed 12th class are eligible to apply for admission


After completing B.Voc.(IT), graduates may go for relevant M.Voc(IT),MSc IT,MCA program. Apart from that, they also have access to advanced diploma and certification programs.


Level QP Sem Mode Sub Code Subjects/ Job Role Marks
Th In Pr Total
4 Domestic Data Entry Operator
I Th S 1.1 Office Automation and Desktop Publishing 40 15 20 75
Th S 1.2 ICT Hardware 40 15 20 75
Th S 1.3 Introduction to Computer Programming 40 20 40 100
Th G 1.1 Communicative English -I 40 15 20 75
Th G1.2 Fundamentals Of Computer 40 15 20 75
5 Web Developer
SSC/Q0503                  or                                Test Engineer SSC/Q1301
II Th S 2.1 Internet and Web Technology 40 15 20 75
Th S 2.2 Computer Application in Printing and Graphics 40 15 20 75
Th S 2.3 Introduction to Database Management System 40 20 40 100
Th G 2.1 Communicative English -II 40 15 20 75
Th G 2.2 Fundamentals of Accounting 40 15 20 75
6 Master Trainer to Junior Software Developer
III Th S 3.1 Data Structure and Algorithm 40 15 20 75
Th S 3.2 Object Oriented Programming 40 15 20 75
Th S 3.3 Software Engineering  40 20 40 100
Th G 3.1 Environmental Studies 40 15 20 75
Th G3.2 Society & Culture Of Assam 40 15 20 75
IV Th S 4.1 Operating System 40 15 20 75
Th S 4.2 Programming in JAVA 40 15 20 75
Th S 4.3 Mini Project 40 20 40 100
Th G 4.1 Personality Development 40 15 20 75
Th G 4.2 Fundamental Of HR & Marketing 40 15 20 75
7 Software Developer
V Th S 5.1 Computer Network 40 15 20 75
Th S 5.2 System Administration Using Linux 40 15 20 75
Pr S 5.3 Decreat Mathematics 40 20 40 100
Th G 5.1 Fundamental of Entrepreneurship 40 15 20 75
Th G 5.2 Soft Skills & Business Presentation 40 15 20 75
VI Th S 6.1 Android Application Development 40 15 20 75
Th S 6.2 Database Design and Programming 40 15 20 75
Pr S 6.3 Major Project 100 100
Th G 6.1 Entrepreneurship Development 40 15 20 75
Th G 6.2 Personality Enrichment 40 15 20 75



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